Information to help you plan your trip to include your dog.

Many places in Saundersfoot welcome dogs. There are plenty of dog friendly places to stay as well as many local attractions which welcome dogs (usually on the lead). Some attractions advertise that dogs are welcome (dog friendly attractions) but there may be many more that welcome them - it is worth checking before you set out. For example, Oakwood Theme Park does not allow dogs but has kennel facilities available so you can still enjoy a visit.

Certain pubs will accept well behaved dogs - your best bet is to ask behind the bar if dogs are welcome before you settle down. It may depend on how busy the establishment is, what time of year it is, size of dog etc so best to check.

The is also a list of local

If you like interesting and varied dog walks then Pembrokeshire is a fantastic location. For a comprehensive guide to dog friendly beaches and walks go to where you can find all you need to know about the facilities and parking as well as restrictions. You might also want to check out Pembrokeshire Paw Prints which is a Pembrokeshire group for dogs and their owners!

Does your dog need a break? Somewhere with peace and quiet? A dog's paradise?
Lower Pendeilo Farmhouse in Amroth can provide you with exactly that! Set in 25 acres of woodland and rolling hills, your dog will become a member of the family for their entire stay. They also provide dog training and can sort out your dog's behavioral problems.
Contact philip Jenkinson on 01834 831326.
Dog training can also be found at Pembrokeshire Sheepdogs, based in Berea near St Davids. This is a working farm offering residential sheepdog training courses in the stunning National Park. Call 01437 721677.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path covers an amazing 186 miles of coastal scenery. This is great with your dog at any time of the year. It is important when out in the countryside with your dog that you adhere to the Country Code, keeping dogs on the lead near other animals and making sure you shut gates behind you.
Some fields you pass through will have cattle in them and it is worth treating them with caution. They may appear intimidating but they are generally just interested in people who are walking by! However, the Ramblers Association has issued the following advice to assist walkers who encounter cattle:

  • Move quietly and carefully and walk around the cattle. Be sure not to unintentionally "herd" cattle into a confined space where their only way out is back past you.
  • Never pass between a cow and its calf.
  • Leave all gates as you found them.
  • Be prepared for cattle to react to you, especially if you have a dog with you.
  • Alwa ...

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is 186 miles long which will tire both you and your dog!The views are stunning and you can take a well deserved rest whilst dolphin or porpoise watching.
The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority are fitting dog gates to many new and replacement stiles and have decreased the number of stiles from 530 down to 108 with 40 of these having dog gates.. These are still designed to exclude lambs so you may struggle with a larger dog.
Dogs should really be kept on a lead due to the closeness of the cliff edge in some places. There will be wildlife as well as farm animals grazing.
The Coastal Park was created in 1952 and is protected by law from any damaging change. There are over 200 circular walks to suit your needs, all with stunning scenery as well as some great cycling routes for everyone. Climbing is a popular activity too.

Saundersfoot is a great place to holiday with your dog with lots of countryside walks. Although certain popular bathing beaches have restrictions through the summer there is still plenty of opportunity to bring your dog and enjoy the miles and miles of beautiful beaches.
In summary, all 50 of Pembrokeshire's beaches welcome dogs. However, in Saundersfoot from 1st May through to 30th September, although dogs are allowed on the harbour wall and the promenade they are not allowed on the beach at all (except for the very far eastern end near Coppit Hall).

In Tenby from the 1st May to 30th September dogs are not allowed on the North beach or the Harbour beach at all, the Castle Beach allows dogs (on the lead) on a very small part of the beach (in order that people with dogs can access the boat trips) so your best option is to head for the South Beach (3km of beautiful golden sand) where dogs are allowed further along the beach. Other beaches within Pembrokeshire with these ...

Pleasant Valley, Stepaside

Rod is a dog trainer and behaviourist with expert knowledge and 20 years experience. He deals with a variety of training issues, from pulling on the leash, not coming back when called, barking, separation anxiety, through to aggression towards other dogs and people.

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